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Interdepartmental laboratory of Computer Engineering of FACULTY OF ECONOMICS

Interdepartmental laboratory of Computer Engineering of FACULTY OF ECONOMICS

Head of Laboratory: Vinogradova Tamara Artamonovna

Tel: (812) 328-8675

Rooms: 4612-4614





The Interdepartmental Laboratory of Computer Engineering of the Faculty of Economics was established in 1997 to provide computer technology support to the academic and research work of the faculty.

The laboratory has two computer classrooms equipped with PCs and a multimedia complex.

The main goal of the interdepartmental laboratory is technical, software and methodical support of classes, practical training and independent work of the students of the Economics Faculty in accordance with the curriculum; research work of academic staff, postgraduates and students; teaching and educational work of academic staff.

The laboratory cooperates with suppliers of the installed software in issues concerning software upgrades, support, training and teaching materials. Most of the software was bought under the condition of non-commercial use.

Currently as a result of organizational, technical, training and teaching activities, the laboratory has the following software:


Microsoft Project 2010

Microsoft Project 2010 is a project management software program, developed and sold by Microsoft.

Microsoft Project actually became a standard among design automation facilities for project managers. Microsoft Project is designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.


SPS Consultant Plus

Computer Reference Legal System (CRLS) – is a software package consisting of legal database and software tools enabling the user to work with this database.

In accordance with the contract terms five Consultant Plus databases are installed in the laboratory (with available upgrades):

• Legislation, professional version and St Petersburg addition
• Jurisprudence (accounting)
• Financial advice
• Legislation commentaries
• Document templates


1C Enterprise 8  Package for Higher and Vocational Educational Institutions

The 1C: Enterprise system is intended for automation of management and accounting at different industry enterprises, various business tasks and funding types. It provides solutions for industrial enterprises (1C: Enterprise Framework 8), commercial enterprises, accounting application (1C: Accounting), payroll and HR management for non-profit organizations

The package includes:

  • 1C Accounting
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Industrial enterprise management
  • Commerce management

This software is used in such courses as Business Accounting and Automation of Accounting.

Business game ‘Business Corporation’

In this game players have to manage an open joint-stock company which has outstanding shares on the stock market. The game has a cycle of 6 ‘years’ with a step of 1 month. In each month you should take management decisions in the relevant enterprise activities.

‘Corporation’ gives a unique opportunity to carry out an integrated study of the main academic subjects connected with corporate finance. The laboratory has a demo version of the software with a 16-month cycle game. The software is used during the course, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.


Smeta Wizard – automation of budgeted expenses

The Smeta Wizard software is designed for calculation and release of cost estimation documents in construction. The key software features are the following:

  • Creation of a package of functionally connected project documents;
  • Simultaneous calculation of cost sheets of any complexity using index numbers or input methods;
  • Composition of the document and print overview during its calculation;
  • Automatic creation the following templates: F-2, F-3, F-4B work acceptance certificates, materials compensation, KS-3, M-29, damage reports, current cost calculation, resources sheet and other templates;
  • Keeping the closing statements, consolidated and facility cost estimates, creation and usage of BOMs;
  • Automatic calculation of integrated cost of unaccounted materials;
  • Calculation of construction cost sheet, material prices and material consumption rate (1984), SESN-2001, FER-2001, schedule of prices, technical part of documentation;
  • Automatic conversion of index method calculated cost sheets into input method calculated ones and vice versa.

The software is used in the course Mining enterprise design and construction management and for writing graduation papers.


EVFRAT Document management

The system of electronic document management, EVFRAT Document management, is designed for creation of the major business processes and a document management system in the business.

The system enables one to solve all routine tasks involved in document and records management:

  • Automatic registration of documents and tasks;
  • Instant information search;
  • Effective employee collaboration when working with documents;
  • Control of work performance initiated by documents and tasks;
  • Monitoring of processes performance status and manpower loading analysis by creating different registers and reports;
  • Differentiation of employee rights to access information;
  • Organization of long-term documents storage for the company.

The software is used in the course Documentation of management activity.



Alt-Invest Summ is a developer of software for evaluating investment projects and a supplier of consulting services in the field of investment and financial analysis and planning. There are two software programs from this company installed at the laboratories.

Alt-invest Summ

Alt-Invest Summ is a computer model intended for the estimation of investment projects, especially at operating enterprises.

The model allows one to estimate the enterprise’s condition, taking into account investment projects in the following areas: investment efficiency, financial solvency and project implementation risks.

The model generates three basic forms of the financial statements - the Cash Flow Statement, the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet, as well as the set of the basic financial indexes: for each of examined projects; for the selected group of investment projects; for the enterprise without considering the projects; for the enterprise considering the investment projects.


It is a computer model for retrospective analysis of enterprise financial standing and calculation of predicted financial indicators.

With the help of Alt-Finance software using the data of standard accounting reports you can analyze the following features:

  • analysis of balance sheet structure and its items dynamics;
  • analysis of net working capital and spending pattern;
  • analysis of profitability;
  • analysis of liquidity;
  • analysis of financial stability;
  • analysis of TAT;
  • analysis of profitability;
  • analysis of performance.

In accordance with university strategy of active introduction of information technologies into educational process since 2011 we have been using Gemcom and TimeZYX software for student instruction and research work.


Gemcom Software International Inc

Gemcom Software International Inc is a world leading supplier of specialized software solutions for efficient work in the mining industry.


The laboratories have the mining and geological software of Gemcom Software International Inc:

Gemcom Surpac

The Gemcom Surpac system has the following key features (for open-pit and underground mining):

  • statistical analysis of geological data;
  • calculation of reserves using different methods;
  • creation of wireframe and block geological models;
  • detailed processing of survey data;
  • design of open-pit and underground mining (including blending coal);
  • simulating actual working-outs basing of mine surveying data;
  • prospective and operating planning of mining taking into account the equipment layout;
  • optimization of final pit boundaries and planned mining schedule;
  • creation and maintenance of mining and graphic documentation.

Gemcom Whittle

Gemcom Whittle is unique software designed for strategic planning in mining. It is used to optimize open-pit mining of ore and metallic firms.

The tasks solved by Gemcom Whittle software are the following:

  • Calculation of limiting (final) pit boundary.
  • Calculation of optimal pit boundaries within the pre-set cost values.
  • Mining work schedule planning by year, quarters and months.
  • Calculation of NPV, IRR, payback period, detailed reports by periods and benches.
  • Analysis of project’s sensitivity.

The Gemcom Whittle software is an international industrial standard of technical and economic optimization of mining.

Gemcom Minex

Gemcom Minex is a complex mining and geological system for coal mining enterprises enabling the fast simulation of faulting stratified deposits.

The Gemcom Minex software is unique software designed for stratified deposits. Due to full integration of all mining activities from geological prospecting up to operation planning, it allows focusing at best choices of cost, risk, and negative impact on environment reduction with gaining maximum profit out of industrial capacity of the project. The software provides accurate estimation of field reserves and sustainable development of the deposit.

Gemcom MineSched

MineSched is a planning tool for open-pit and underground mines of all sizes and types. MineSched can plan based on block, grid and polygonal models, pre-designed using the various planning systems, including Gemcom Surpac and Gemcom Minex.

This software has a huge range of possibilities supported by proved planning algorithms and enables showing results in different formats including 2D and 3D models, references in the form of flowcharts and planograms. It increases productivity and quality of mining planning in comparison to non-automated models.



The TimeZYX software is a unique Russian full-scale certified software package with the opportunity to create and optimize the operating geological and technological oil and gas deposit models. The software package enables users to perform the comprehensive list of design work starting from analysis and uploading of geological and geo-physical data up to creation of standard reports on deposit development optimization and efficiency of the suggested geological and technological models.

TimeZYX Economics is a modern tool for economic evaluation for wide range of tasks connected with decision-making on investment in oil and gas fields’ development. The module simplifies and accelerates the work for preparation of project documentation and improves visualization during analysis and comparison of deposit development methods.



EVA is software used for economic evaluation of petroleum deposits development projects.

The application of EVA software enables modeling of crude hydrocarbon deposits development processes at all stages.

The EVA software makes it possible to calculate investment and create development projects based on various sources of funds, providing solutions to management tasks for separate projects as well as portfolio ones aimed at managing a group of petroleum objects.


Is a Russian Federation legislative reference system developed by the Garant-Service University, which is the first commercial reference system in Russia (started in 1990).

The laboratory has the GARANT-EXPERT version; the databases are upgraded once per semester.

Borland C++ Builder Turbo

- system used by programmers for software development in the programming language C ++. Used at the Department of System Analysis and Management.

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