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Mining University today


21 October (1 November) 1773 Catherine the Great edited the decree announcing the establishment of the School of Mines. This date is considered as the birthday of the first engineering education institution of the Russian Empire.

Today the University of Mines offers all academic cycles, bachelor’s, master’s and specialist’s profiles for future employees of Russian and International companies engaged in estimation, prospecting, exploitation, exploration  and processing of raw materials, oil, gas, diamonds, ores.


The University trains engineers for civil engineering and industrial construction, mining engineering, energy, gas distribution, applied economy, industrial security and geo-ecology:

16 500 students

97 specializations

7 faculties:

  • Geological survey
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Mechanics
  • Energy
  • Chemistry and Metallurgy

Over 5000 teaching staff members have been trained since the implementation of the program Student-Assistant of Professor – Postgraduate –Candidate of Science-Doctor of Science.

The Mining Museum is one of the three best museums of Natural science in the world. The collections from 80 countries are exhibited in 22 halls and rooms with the  total area of about 2 500 square meters.

The library numbers over 1 2000 000 of books, magazines and  journals and rare books of XV – XIХ centuries.

The restored church of Saint Macarius the Egyptian is the main temple of the Russian Miners.

There are 6 students’ halls and dormitories at the University.

Many times the University Sports Center has been estimated as the best one in Saint-Petersburg.



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