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Goals and tasks

The goal of the Quality management department is to work out, implement and develop the efficient quality assurance system (QAS) in the University which will meet the international quality standards, academic and R&D services customers’ demands and requirements of RF Higher Education State Accreditation.


  • Coordination and information-methodological support of the department with university QAS documents at all their lifecycle stages;
  • Monitoring of compliance standards and management of records about university departments’ quality;
  • Organization and internal auditing (audits) of university QAS;
  • Provision of accurate data on results and efficiency of working processes of university QAS required for self-evaluation and management review;
  • Provision of university management timely corrective and preventive actions required for removal (prevention) of non-conformity between organization of university processes and quality of provided academic and R&D services;
  • Systematic monitoring of university academic teaching staff quality on the basis of ranking score from the questionnaire survey;
  • Performing activities of university QAS;
  • Conduction of questionnaire surveys among lecturers and students, processing of their results and development of corrective actions suggestions;
  • Systematic monitoring of university key performance indicators.
  • Checking presence and quality of academic subjects learning resources.
  • Examination and provision of feedback to lecturers and students.
  • Work with consumers (companies) for level of expert training evaluation.
  • Working out of university key performance indicators for analysis of quality development.
  • Checking of faculty and deans offices’ members work with university organization and management primary documentation
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