University quality management system structure



Composition of permanent quality committees

Educational activities:

  • Ligotsky D.N. – Associate professor of Mining engineering department;
  • Cherepovitsyn A.E. – Professor of Organization and management department.

Research activities:

  • Shabarov A.N. – Research Center director, Professor;
  • Brichkin V.N. – Professor of Metallurgy department;
  • Petukhov A.V. – Professor of Oil and Gas fields development and operation department.

Audit and business review:

  • Tarabarinova T.A. – Associate professor of Economics, Accounting and Finance department;
  • Katysheva E.G. - Associate professor of Economics, Accounting and Finance department.

Faculty representatives responsible for implementation and development of QS in the University

Faculty of Geological prospecting:

Stepanov V.A.  – Associate professor Geology and Mineral deposits prospecting (tel. 1461).

Faculty of Oil and Gas:

Dmitiriev A.N. – Associate professor of Well drilling department (tel. 1478)

Faculty of Mining:

Kholodilov A.N. - Associate professor of Blasting work department (tel. 1254)

Faculty of Energy:

Rodos L.Y. – Associate professor of Electronic systems department (tel. 328-89-32).

Faculty of Mechanics:

Nobikova O.V. – Associate professor of Metrology and quality department (tel. 328-89-38)

Faculty of Economics:

Ponomarenko T.V. – Associate professor of Organization and management department (tel. 328-84-58)

Faculty of Chemistry and Metallurgy:

Cheremisina O.V. – Associate professor of General and Physical chemistry (tel. 328-82-64)

Faculty of Construction:

Golovanov V.A. – Associate professor of Mine surveying department (tel. 1259)

Faculty of Fundamentals and Humanities:

Lebedev I.A.  – Associate professor of Higher mathematics department (tel. 1231)

Faculty of Vocational Secondary Education:

Zaitseva E.I.  – Head of Extramural department (tel. 444-01-62)

Extramural Faculty:

Utkov I.E. – Faculty dean (tel. 328-89-47)

Intra-Extramural Faculty:

Churkin Y.V. – deputy Faculty dean (tel. 328-89-15)

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