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External activities of Quality management department

Advanced training

In 2009 Head of Education QA department V.N. Novikova had advanced training;
In 2011 - Head of Education QA department V.N. Novikova and leading engineer of education QA department A.A. Borzova;
In 2012 – Head of Quality management department V.E. Vasiliev and Head of R&D QA department S.V. Khokhlov.

Participation in competitions, conferences, workshops and exhibitions

Starting from 2007 the University has been participating in competition between educational institutions and innovative-technical centers of Saint-Petersburg for having the right of training experts in development and improvement of activities basing on implementation of modern QAS. The competition is conducted by the Committee of Science and Higher education each year, and The University of Mines wins medal places in this competition. It gives advantages in teaching university staff including personnel of Quality management department who are being trained in NSEE SE “Quality management institution” (partnering organization of management systems certification OOO “Test-St.-Petersburg”) in Quality management system on the basis of International and State standards. The training is done by experts and specialists of “Test-St.-Petersburg” and lecturers of leading Saint-Petersburg Universities. After training participants receive the certificates.

September, 24, 2012 – participation in research and practice conference “Prospects of application of model ranking methodology to Russian universities” (Moscow, NFST). Within the framework of preparation for conference we presented materials for Russian universities ranking and discussed the preliminary results of model ranking methodology application.

November, 02, 2012 – participation in workshop “International positioning of Russian universities and international ranking systems” (Saint-Petersburg, State University) with support of QS management representative Ben Sowter (compiler of international QS rankings) and regional QS director Zoya Zaitseva.

On November, 9, 2012 the department representatives took part in workshop “Modern development tendencies in international quality management standardization” with participation of Chairman of ISO’s Technical Committee Mr. Nigel Croft.
The workshop was held within the meeting of 176 ISO’s Technical Committee (ISO/TC 176 “Quality management and assurance”).
November, 29-30, 2012 – participation in project session of “International Academic rankings and rising competitiveness of Russian universities (Ekaterinburg, UFU)”, working in the expert group in development of Russian universities promotion in international rankings tools.


Awards, prizes

The University is an award winner in Saint-Petersburg Government award in Quality of 2012 and won the first place. (More information - http://www.spmi.edu.ru/node/4861 )







In 2011 Novikova V.N. and Borzova A.A. published an article “Peculiarities of quality system implementation on the National Mineral Resources University” in the collection of articles “Quality management in educational institutions” issued by the order of the Committee of Science and Higher education.
In 2012 Khokhlov S.V. published an article “Peculiarities of R&D activities QMS in educational institution” in collection of articles “quality management in educational and research institutions”.


Since 2007 the university certified the educational activities for compliance with requirement of international standard ISO 9000.
In December 2010 the university re-certified the educational and certified R&D activities.
Annually the university goes through supervisory audit in QMS by certification organization OOO “Test-St.-Petersburg” for verification of compliance with QMS certificate requirements.

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