Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Litvinenko Vladimir Stefanovich has been in charge of the the National Mineral Resources University since July, 1994.

 V.S. Litvinenko was born in 1955. He graduated from Novocherkassk Geologic Technical School. In 1982 he graduated with honors from Leningrad Mining Institute. He worked in field parties. In 1987 he passed PhD defense and  in 1992 – Doctoral thesis.

Litvinenko Vladimir Stefanovich is Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Member of International Academy of Higher Education, and academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and MANEB. Due to the fact that the University was assigned the status of the most valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation he was reelected as Rector in April ,1999,then once more in May, 2004 and in April, 2009.

Litvinenko Vladimir Stefanovich is a renowned scientist,  author of more than 150 scientific papers of which 5 are monographs, he has 28 patents and inventions (including foreign ones). He is a laureate of the Russian Federation state prize in the field of science and technology for “Geological Atlas of the Russian Federation”; a laureate of the Russian Federation government award (in 2008) in the field of science and technology for “Developing and introduction of ecologically benign combined technologies for mining and integrated processing of ores which  contributed to bringing into production and  development of the unique Yakovlevskiy iron ore deposit”.

Being the Rector since 1994 he managed to hold all main fields of research and was able to bring them up to an advanced level under conditions of economic instability.   Annual scope of research work is about 600 million roubles.

Under the supervision of the Rector, professor Litvinenko V. S. organizational streamlining of the University was continued, new departments of “Geoecology”, “Department of oil and gas field development and operation”, “Department of furnace technology and processing of energy materials’ were set up ,training of engineers in new long-range specialties “Chemical technology of natural energy materials” and  “Equipment for oil and gas processing” , Bachelors and Masters degree programs in “Environmental protection”, “Chemical technology and bio technology”, “Economics” and others were launched.


Computerization of training process goes on. To date the number of computers for every 1000 students is more than 400; all of them are connected to the Internet.

 Under his supervision quality management system based on the system of International standards was implemented. In 2007 the GOST Russia Certificates of Conformity GOST R ISO 9001-2001 and IQNet ISO 9001:2000 were obtained.

 Under the supervision of Litvinenko V. S. major repairs of all educational, laboratory and administrative buildings of the university were completed, modern first-rate training and laboratory facilities were created.

Much attention is paid to future academic staff training. V.S. Litvinenko worked out a program of training young teaching staff and scientific personnel set up as the following  scheme :“student – assistant professor – master – post-graduate - doctoral student” including research and practical training in the leading  Russian and international companies. As a result the University has 140 candidates of science under 30, and the number of staff with scientific degrees is more than 85 %.

One of the preferred directions of V.S.Litvinenko’s activity is the organization of scientific research. The scope of research grows from year to year and is worth 250 million rubles. The University annually takes part in International exhibitions of inventions in France, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, China and many other countries. In 2012 the University was awarded 30 medals: 16 gold,11 silver and 3 bronze medals. Research work under V. S. Litvinenko’s personal supervision has been awarded 12 gold and 3 silver medals.

For considerable merit in the field of science Litvinenko V. S. was awarded the Belgium  Order “Commodore”; the medal “Prize of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science of RF”; the Badge of Honor of Federal Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks  Service.

Research center of Ggomechanics and challenges of mining operations (at the premises of the former All-Russian Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics and Survey), center of common use, center of civil engineering survey and others have  been lately launched in the University. They are equipped with the facilities worth about 1, 5 billion rubles.

Litvinenko V. S. pays much attention to introduction of scientific achievements into the educational process. In 2006 the university was among 17 higher educational establishments-winners of the National priority project “Education”. The university introduced innovative educational program of staff training “From raw exporting to resource innovative strategy of development of raw materials and mineral complex”. In 2008 for the development of innovation activity Litvinenko V. S. became a Prize  laureate of St Petersburg government for outstanding achievements in the field of higher and technical secondary vocational  education. In 2009 The National Mineral Resources University got the status “National Research University”.

Under the supervision of Litvinenko Vladimir Stefanovich major repairs of all educational, laboratory and administrative buildings of the university are completed. Multi-purpose complex, a dormitory, sports and health complex in residential community  Kavgolovo, modernization of practice grounds in  Kuzmolovo, Sablino, Solnechnoe and others  are  being successfully accomplished at the expense  of the university.

Litvinenko V. S. does much work for the community. He is a member of the Presidium of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation, a member of Government Committee on  Fuel & Energy Complex and rehabilitation of mineral resources, a member of Expert Council of the Board of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in nature management , co-chairman of intergovernmental Russian-German and Russian-Canadian dialogues on  topical issues of  subsoil management.

Litvinenko V. S. was awarded the “Order of Honor” (1998) and “Orders of Merit for the Fatherland” (2003, 2010). In June 2001 he was awarded the order of St. Andrew the First-Called for the great contribution to the development of mineral resources complex of the Russian Federation.


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